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This site is managed by the Delaware County Circuit Courts to provide information on jury duty and navigating the justice system. Find out more about representing yourself in court, what resources are available to children and adults in the justice system and learn more about the judges on each of the five circuit courts. 

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News and Information

Due to restricted seating in the court rooms, the public will have access to the hearings through the Supreme Court's website under each Court's Channel.  IT IS PROHIBITED TO RECORD OR TAKE PICTURES OF THE COURT PROCEEDINGS.

Click on Delaware County then choose the court you want to watch.

Delaware Circuit Court - Juvenile - Mag. Amanda Yonally

Delaware Circuit Court 1 - Judge Marianne Vorhees

Delaware Circuit Court 2 - Judge Kimberly Dowling

Delaware Circuit Court 3 - Judge Linda Wolf

Delaware Circuit Court 4 - Judge John Feick

Delaware Circuit Court 5 - Judge Thomas Cannon Jr

Delaware Circuit Courts (IV-D) - Com. Timothy Hollems 


Click here to read the Courts' Press Release regarding their COVID-19 Policies.

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Eviction During COVID-19 Information 

Are you facing eviction? 
Click here to learn about the free mediation program offered by the Delaware County Courts.

Information regarding the CDC Eviction Moratorium
Click here to read the Order from the CDC. 

Click here to read the CDC Eviction and Moratorium FAQs.

CDC Declaration Forms are available for tenants.  One form is to be filled out if a case has not been filed with the courts, while the other form is filled out if the case has already been filed. 

Court Holds Mock Trial with Muncie 8th graders

December 11, 2018, the Courts, the Sheriff, and the Prosecuting Attorney partnered with Southside Middle School to give the 8th graders a trial experience as close to reality as possible.