Juvenile Detention Services

The Youth Opportunity Center Inc. manages and operates the Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center. This co-ed center serves youth who have committed delinquent acts and are under the jurisdiction of the juvenile probation department and courts. At the Detention Center, there are 6 individual day rooms and 44 cells, which include two isolation cells, in a safe and secure environment.


The Detention Center sets high behavior expectations with a daily schedule that the professionally trained staff use in a positive, respectful approach.

The center is licensed by the Department of Correction and is accredited by the Council on Accreditation.


What services does the center provide?

  • Pre-adjudication placements

  • Post-adjudication placements with counseling services

  • Psychiatric consultation, if needed

  • Medical services

  • Clinical staff

  • Indiana state licensed teacher and teacher’s aid

  • GED preparatory materials


Contact Juvenile Services James Williams at 

765-741-4940 or jdadmit@yocinc.org for more information.

3700 W Kilgore Ave, Muncie, IN 47304