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Adult Probation

Phone Number: 765-747-7701


Fax Number: 765-747-7763 



  • 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Mondays through Fridays

  • The office is closed from Noon until 1:00 p.m. each work day



There are 12 probation officers, including the chief and assistant chief.

  • Chief Probation Officer: Jeff Hansard, 765-284-8411

  • Adult Probation Officer/Supervisor: Vickie Reed, 765-747-7755

  • Adult Probation Officer: Telisa Bell, 765-747-7792

  • Adult Probation Officer: John Bush, 765-747-2985

  • Adult Probation Officer: Teresa Redmond, 765-747-7846 

  • Adult Probation Officer: Mary Addison, 765-747-7749

  • Adult Probation Officer: Dawn Miller, 765-747-7713

  • Adult Probation Officer: Phillip Johnson, 765-747-7787

  • Adult Probation Officer: Alison Licht, 765-747-7796

  • Adult Probation Officer: Lyndsey Wilmes, 765-747-7829

  • Adult Probation Officer: Lonna Jordan, 765-747-7835

  • Adult Probation Officer: Jennifer Hannah, 765-751-9592

  • Adult Probation Officer: Alicia Anderson, 765-284-8413


Mission Statement

“The mission of probation is to provide necessary services to the offender toward reducing criminal/delinquent behavior while balancing the needs and safety of the community. Probation is a profession that requires a fundamental knowledge of the law, sentencing alternatives, human services, and community protection.”


100 W. Main St. Room 311

Enter the Delaware County Building and go up to the third floor, room 311. The probation office serves the five Circuit Courts of Delaware County. 

Paying Probation Fees

Our office is located on the third floor of the Delaware County Building, Room 311. Probation fees can be paid at our office with exact cash or a money order. You can also pay by credit card by calling 1-888-604-7888.

You will need the pay location number (5069) and your probation I.D. number to make credit card payments.

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